Back from the Congo! Editing in progress…

During October 2011 Steve Fisher and his team including Tyler Bradt, Rush Sturges and Benny Marr completed the first successful descent of the Inga Rapids on the Congo River- the world’s highest volume rapids that were flowing at roughly 1.5 million cfs at the time.  A team of ten including camera and logistics crew have spent most of the year working on the planning and permitting of this project and in early October they spent two weeks training and testing new safety gear and techniques on the white nile before crossing to Kinshasa.  There they did six runs of the previously run Kinsuka rapids where, although the river is divided into two channels, they were able to adjust to the force of the Congo river.  Finally the team used a helicopter to access and document the main Inga rapids downstream where they put in about ten kilometers upstream in the approach rapids before spending about a week running the crux section before the river flattened out above the Port town of Matadi.  There was plenty of action including a swim from Fisher which he describes as his closest cll yet, and a heli extraction of Benny Marr after he was stranded on an island in the middle of the river.  The project will be featured in a Fish Munga production by Steve Fisher and in a coming issue of Kayak Session Magazine.

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