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Fish Munga is excited to share footage from the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tire. The event combines subcategories of off-road racing including rock crawling, rock racing, and desert racing. After almost a week of testing and qualifying, the one day race covers 184 miles through the Means Dry Lake Bed in Johnson Valley, CA. – a section of mountain affectionately referred to as ‘The Hammers’.  Jonathan Ramsey reports on Autoblog that the King of the Hammers puts “desert racing, rock racing and rock crawling into one challenge, and for that reason alone it is like no other race in the world and could be the toughest one-day challenge on the planet.” It’s no surprise then that by sunset this year, only seven of one hundred cars that started had completed the course, and by the 11pm cut-off only a quarter of the field had finished with the rest left to limp home from the backlands.

 IMG_1061-1The live broadcast of the event is produced by Hammer King Productions led by Fish Munga regular Dan Campbell-Lloyd. Dan, who was a cinematographer for “Congo: The Grand Inga Project,” invited Steve Fisher to shoot the specialty and highlight inserts. Shooting motorsports was a new challenge, requiring quick reflexes, like a cat, chasing a mouse, and diversifies the Fish Munga repertoire further.


 Check it:

See… told you Fish Munga was a lifestyle :-)

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Words by Eric Adsit


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  1. Colton says:

    Loved the highlight video, love the music even more. Any chance of possibly sharing the music? Would love to put some (with permission) up to the RC version of the King Of The Hammers we do locally where I live. Here is an example:

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